Stiga SEV 2416 Q rafmagnskeðjusög

Stiga SEV 2416 Q electric chain saw

Stiga SEV 2416 Q rafmagnskeðjusög

Stiga SEV 2416 rafmagns keðjusögin er sambærileg við bensínsög, á samta tima sem hún er léttari, notendvænni og ódýrari í notkun.

Stiga SEV 2416 Q rafmagnssögin er með 2400W mótor og með 40 cm. löngu ( 16 tommu) sverði.

Handhæg strekking er á söginni til að strekkja keðjuna.



Rafmagn 2400W


Við yfirsnúning er fremra öryggis-handfangi þrýst fram




16 tommur (40cm)


3/8 tomma  (91PO-57X)




0.23 lítrar



Reach the performance of a petrol chain saw by keeping all plus of an electric device as light weight, ergonomics, low emissions and vibrations. The Stiga SEV 2416 Q electric chain saw is powered by a 2400 W brushless motor granting superior support. Equipped with a 16"/40 cm bar and quick chain tensioning system.

Double chain brake

In case of kickback, the double braking system is able to stop the chain in a fraction of a second. The inertial device automatically stops the chain speed in case of inproper contact while the manual brake is easily activated by operator's hand on the sa

Oil level window

A small but useful transparent window allows, in every moment, to check the oil level and refill the tank when it's empty

Overload protection

In case of chain sticks, the motor automatically activate a safety shut down any electrical power surges. Just pressing a single botton to reactivate the standard conditions

Quick Tensioning System

A single knob, placed on the body side, allows a quick and comfortable tensioning of the chain without using any kind of tool

Softgrip handle

Softgrip is a special rubber which protect the handle where it get holded while the machine is in use. Absorbing part of the vibrations while augmenting the grip it makes more comfortable the use of your machine.