Stiga Park Pro 740 IOX

Stiga Park Pro 740 IOX

4WD liðstýrður traktór

Stiga Professional 740 IOX 4WD sláttutraktórinn er liðstýrður sem gerir hann sérstaklega lipran í slætti við þröngar aðstæður kringum tré, runna,  girðingar og út í horn.

Hann er 4WD og hentar því við slátt í þó nokkrum höllum.

Afturhjól traktórsins fylgja alltaf í spor framhjólanna.

Sláttubúnaðurinn er ávallt framan á traktórnum.

Traktórinn er með stiglausri sjálfskiptingu, B&S úrvalsmótor og rafstarti.

Á vélinni er extra þægilegt Stiga sæti með háu baki.

Hann er með vökvastýri og vökvaúttökum fyrir margs konar aukabúnað.

Frábær og einstaklega lipur sláttutraktór í slátt við þröngar og erfiðar aðstæður.

Hentar árið um kring því hægt að fá við traktórinn ýmiss konar aukabúnað: grashirðivagn, bursta, snjótönn o.fl.

B&S mótor Prof series 2-cylindra, 24hp
Sláttubreidd  95-125cm
Sláttuhæð  25-90mm


If you expect to do longer hours on your machine and you’re looking for faster cutting, a more powerful transmission and other features that are required for professional use please consider the Park Pro range. The Park Pro 740 IOX is fitted with a twin cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine. The engine develops a massive 14kW @ 3200rpm and will power the full range of Stiga cutter decks with manual or electric height adjustment control in all types of situations. The high spec 4WD transmission system has a separate 10 litres per min hydraulic pump delivering a full speed of 11km/h through the heavy duty Kanzaki transaxles to the large 17” front and rear wheels. The PTO clutch is electro magnetically controlled; the fuel tank capacity is 14 litres. The machine is fitted with a single lever adjuster and a high-back comfort seat fitted onto parallel suspension requiring no tools to adjust the position of the seat. The Park Pro 740 IOX has hydraulic power steering and our new high clearance hydraulic implement lift for lifting the front cutter deck. A single LED headlight is fitted along with an hour meter to record working hours for servicing. Imagine driving around your garden effortlessly creating a perfectly clipped healthy green lawn, no longer restricted to driving up and down in straight lines, or scuffing the ground when turning on the same areas and wasting fuel and time collecting grass clippings that will sit in an unsightly rotting pile at the bottom of your garden. Imagine easily coping with soft wet ground conditions on a flat or sloping garden, manoeuvring quickly around all sorts of obstacles without worrying about your rear wheels dropping off the edge of the lawn or catching the back of your tractor on fences, trees or even your new greenhouse. Imagine being able to trim under overhanging shrubs and into corners because your multiclip cutter deck is positioned at the front of the machine where you can always clearly see it and it cuts the grass before your wheels have a chance to lay it flat. Only a 4WD Stiga Park can provide you with such an enjoyable way to maintain and improve your lawn and paddock areas, turning this chore into a ‘Drive in the Park’. Stiga’s unique articulated chassis design ensures that the rear wheels follow exactly in the path of the front cutter deck, this is made possible because the chassis pivots at the centre point of the front and rear axles leaving you free to concentrate on looking forward at the grass that you’re about to cut.  The 4WD system eliminates any tyre scuffing on your lawn whilst turning as well as ensuring excellent traction in wet conditions and on sloping ground. The first thing that you should consider when selecting the correct 4WD Stiga Park for your needs is the type of cutter deck you require, as this will determine the minimum power requirement for your particular machine. If you are concerned about access through gateways or narrow paths then add 10cm to the cutting width of the deck, this will be enough to allow you to drive your machine through the gap easily. For formal lawn areas with an occasional requirement for long grass cutting, for example cutting down longer grass after daffodils have flowered, our 95cm (£575) and 105cm ‘Multiclip Combi’ decks are ideal. If you need to regularly trim roadside verges, paddock/orchard areas or just have a large amount of mowing to do then our 110cm (£1275) or 125cm ‘Pro Combi’ would be more suitable. The ‘Multiclip Combi’ cutter decks can be used on all of our 4wd Stiga Parks and the ‘Pro Combi’ cutter decks should be used on models fitted with twin cylinder engines. Stiga has been building mowers since 1974 and all models are built with functionality, reliability, comfort, quality and the environment in mind. Built today for tomorrow, all models come with a 3 year warranty on the mower and a 10 year warranty on the chassis.