Stiga Snow Blizzard snjóblásari

Stiga Blizzard snjóblásari

Stiga Snow Blizzard snjóblásarinn er með 249cc B&S mótor.  Rafstart/handtrekktur.

Hann er með 6 gírum áfram og 2 afturábak og er vinnslubreiddin 69cm.

Blásarinn er á grófum dekkjum og með ljósabúnaði fyrir myrkur og slæmt skyggni.

Hörkuduglegur PRO snjóblásari fyrir mikin, frosinn og niðurþjappaðan snjó, einnig á misjöfnu undirlagi.


Mótor 249cc B&S mótor. Rafstart/handtrekktur
Bensíntankur 3 lítrar
Vinnslubreidd 69cm
Gírar 6 áfram, 2 afturábak
Snjódreifing 1-10 metrar
Startari Rafstart/handtrekktur
Þyngd 90kg



  • A powerful Briggs and Stratton 1150 Snow Series OHV engine, which will start and work reliably in freezing conditions
  • Both recoil and electric start for reliability in all conditions
  • Cable supplied for electric start
  • Strong steel auger with toothed edges for efficient snow breaking
  • Tough impellor for fast snow disposal
  • Height adjustable snow skids allows clearing of varied surfaces
  • Convenient one-handed operation allows both chute rotation and pitch to be worked while clearing
  • Manual transmission with 6 forward and two reverse gears.
  • Headlight for working in low visibility and poor light
  • Remotely operated chute rotation enables snow stream to be directed from operating position
  • Wheels fitted with chunky ‘Maxi Grip’ tyres for handling difficult terrain and slippery conditions

The semi-pro Stiga Snow Blizzard is a hard-working and serious piece of snow clearing equipment. Designed for larger domestic and smaller business premises, its powerful two-stage action is ideal for disposing of snow, even when heavily compacted and for breaking up ice, to make your walkways and yards safe and accessible. The engine is a 249cc, 1150 Snow Series from Briggs and Stratton, which is corrosion resistant and fuel efficient, with a long engine life and plenty of power to work in difficult and freezing conditions. It clears snow with a heavy-duty, toothed, revolving steel auger, which breaks up the snow, forcing it to an impellor, with spinning paddles which force the smashed snow out of the exit chute at top speed. The auger hood is 50 centimetres high, for a large intake of snow and the clearing width of 69 centimetres ensures fast and efficient clearance of your drive or yard. There are adjustable snow skids on the front underside of the auger hood, enabling you to change the operating height so it can clear difficult surfaces like gravel. The manual transmission gives you six forward gears and two reverse gears offering great control and manoeuvrability and the Snow Blizzard is steerable, to enable you to clear right up to edges, walls or other obstructions. Both a 230v electric and a manual recoil start are included so you can get under way in any conditions. . The recoil start has a large handle so you can fire up the Snow Blizzard without removing your gloves. One-hand operation means you can rotate the lever operated chute to 190° without stopping work, to spray the snow wherever you like. The pitch of the snow stream is also adjustable from the operating position. The Snow Blizzard features a powerful headlight so you can clear in poor light conditions or early and late in the day. The Stiga Snow Blizzard has 16inch wheels with tough and durable Maxi Grip tyres fitted for great grip and control in icy conditions.